Wowed the audience with her amazingly powerful and rich voice

The solos Irina sang were powerfully delivered, Irina’s rich voice giving the songs extra emotion and depth. One of the highlights for me was her performance of “Dido’s Lament” by Purcell. I have heard this lovely piece sung many times, but Irina’s interpretation was special. While Stephen Ades played the recurring bass line with steady assurance, Irina reinforced the familiar pleas of the singer with a spine-chilling and highly expressive colouring.

Another highlight was “Ave Maria” by Schubert and her opening strains were the most serene I have heard. Of the Russian songs, the “Vocalise No 14” by Zavalishina was the most impressive with an amazing expressive potency infusing the phrases”

R.J Westwell – Music Critic

“I sampled your ‘Media’ page – and delighted to find that you have quite a voice! Very Russian, a powerful darkish timbre, powerfully delivered.”

Kevin John Hughes Conductor and Singer

“Great sense of style in the choice of repertoire”
s soon as she appeared on the stage the whole venue felt illuminated…
Fresh and original interpretation of antique Italian masters with impressive phrasing…”

Review of Solo-Recital in Glinka Philharmonic Hall

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